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Composite Processes
With numerous processes available in making composites it is always a challenge to find which one is best for your part. The most effective processes can save cycle time, energy costs and improve throughput. We support our clients by identifying the optimum processes for their requirements.


Composites have high strength to weight performance and hence provide lower fuel consumption, higher payload capacity, low energy use, lower cost over life cycle and reduce environmental impact when compared to older technologies. With our in-depth knowledge of composite materials and processes, we are able to help our customers to get the best out of their components. Our speciality lies in understanding natural fibre composites and their potential areas of applications.

Pitch based composites/ graphite/graphene based composites

Heat-treatment process is a key to get the best property of a given  mesophase pitch .  Pitches are often used to make carbon-carbon composites and graphite based composites for electrical brushes, etc . Having  expertise of working with graphite flakes/expanded graphite and pitches and qualification in Nanoltechnology, we can help you to expand your product range and/or add value to your existing product.

Project Management

Effective project management is a key to success. With extensive experience of handling multiple projects within large consortium and stakeholders, we are able to ensure our clients achieve their targets within time and budget.

Knowledge Management

As the organisation matures, so does its workforce. With experienced people leaving the organisation posses risk to future success. We have the expertise and experience of securing the knowledge from leaving experts of the business and ensuring your business moves ahead with new young and dynamic people.

Testing and Evaluation

It is the heart of customers confidence. We work with various accredited , recognised test facilities and universities in the UK to provide confidence to our clients of our recommendations.